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Infrastructure matters have been neglected for decades in Germany. The result is an enormous investment backlog. In the meantime, the necessary financial resources have become available. Federal, state and local authorities now face the challenge of eliminating the existing shortcomings within a reasonable time.

Essential infrastructure measures include:

The legal environment within which infrastructure measures are taken is extremely complex. Foresight is required, since the securing of public construction rights usually involves significant lead times. Procurement law and State aid law complicate the processes further. However, technological developments such as digital planning and construction implementation instruments (Building Information Modelling or BIM) promise to provide some much-needed acceleration. Wide-ranging know-how is a prerequisite for maintaining a clear perspective under these conditions.

Our Sector Group brings together the expertise and experience from all relevant areas of law. We can offer our clients solutions that will ensure the successful implementation of their infrastructure projects. Our teams are tailor-made according to individual needs – with experts in public construction law, procurement law, construction and architect/engineer law. If necessary, we can also call upon colleagues from further areas of law such as (EU) State aid law, public funding law, IT and data protection law as well as energy law.

Hardly any other competitor has so much experience with the construction of complex infrastructures in the area of tunnels for road and rail traffic, airports or bridges.
JUVE Handbook 2023/24

Our services include
  • Public environmental and planning law
  • EU State aid law
  • Public funding law
  • Procurement law
  • Construction and architect/engineer law
  • Legal issues relating to Building Information Modelling
  • IT and data protection law
  • Legal project management JurProM®

Heads of sector group

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