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Start-up and digital transformation

Having one’s own company epitomises an entrepreneurial spirit, freedom and self-realisation. In order for it to take root and grow successfully, it requires a solid foundation as well as corporate vision. By clarifying legal issues at an early stage, you will secure the existence and value of the company and avoid disputes – particularly in the digital age.

We support entrepreneurs and start-ups from their very first steps – with experience, entrepreneurial insight, pragmatism and sound judgement. We have put together a special team tailored just for start-ups, which brings together qualified advice and a high level of identification with the founder scene, just like in a traditional incubator –Startguard ( We support founders in an uncomplicated and sympathetic manner on all of the legal issues faced by a young company and beyond, so that visions give birth to success stories.

Through our Sector Group and through Startguard we ensure comprehensive and comprehensible “one-stop shop“ advice and practical solutions to all relevant legal issues – regarding the company, conventional, digital and data-driven products, intellectual property right protection, employees and of course the customary funding structures including venture capital.

Head of sector group

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