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Alternative dispute resolution

From the conflict management toolbox:

The range of options for out-of-court conflict management is very broad: some proceedings have been developed specifically for conflicts in the construction and real estate sectors. Classic out-of-court conflict management options include arbitration courts, arbitration awards and arbitration with binding and non-binding conciliation awards.  More recent options for out-of-court conflict management are mediation, adjudication and the neutral evaluation or mini-trial.

Which of the out-of-court conflict management options is the right one for your case?

The answer to this question depends on what is particularly important to you in your conflict resolution. The various out-of-court dispute resolution methods differ significantly when it comes to cost, length of proceedings, reliability, the possibility of application to support a project, and – elements which are important for ongoing business relationships – the continuation of the business relationship, the relevance of the dispute resolution and the applicability to other topics.

The lawyers at Kapellmann will advise you on the selection of the most appropriate conflict resolution option for you, will support you in the corresponding proceedings and will thereby ensure that you receive expert legal advice, project support, legal project management (JurProM®) from Kapellmann that is reliable and tailored to your situation. In addition, we act extensively as adjudicators, mediators, conciliators and arbitrators.


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