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Insurance law

Insurance law issues play an increasingly significant role in all areas of law on which our firm advises. For our lawyers, they are part of everyday practice. Aspects of insurance law are always dealt with together with other legal issues, in every matter, whether in construction, plant engineering or real estate law.

Our lawyers ensure the appropriate insurance cover for projects and companies through their forward-looking, and, where necessary, preventative advice. They draft insurance agreements taking all likely risks into account and assist clients in implementing the insurance requirements in their agreements with other parties. In doing so, they benefit from the many years of construction and project experience within the firm, which puts them in a position to evaluate risks appropriately and to put in place third-party liability and non-life insurance in the best possible way.

Even in the event of an insurance claim, we secure the rights of our clients. Larger insured events almost always lead to disagreements. We restore balance in any subsequent negotiation with the insurer and support our clients in the enforcement of their claims against third-party liability and non-life insurers – whether by means of an out-of-court agreement or before the courts.

We also advise on distribution rights and regulatory issues within insurance law. This includes the special requirements resulting from the increasing digitalisation of the insurance industry.

All lawyers in our practice group combine a pragmatic approach to advice with proven expertise in insurance law issues. This is reflected in the large number of insurance law publications released by our firm.

One of the most recommended firms by in-house counsels for Insurance law 2023/2024 (law firm directory of the German institute for legal departments & in-house lawyers)




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