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IP, IT and data protection

Intellectual property, information technology and data protection are complex topics that are becoming increasingly important for businesses. This area is one in which a comprehensive understanding and a forward-looking approach are absolutely essential.

The lawyers of our Practice Group IP, IT and Data Protection use their many years' experience and foresight to assist our clients on national as well as international legal issues. This includes representation before data protection authorities, trademark and patent offices as well as in out-of-court and judicial disputes, including interim legal protection.

One of the most recommended firms by in-house counsels for cormmercial legal protection 2023/2024 (law firm directory of the German institute for legal departments & in-house lawyers)


Intellectual property and competition law (UWG)

We advise on the registration, assertion and defence of trademark rights (trademarks, names, companies) and internet domains. We also have expertise in copyrights, design rights, patent and utility model rights, Competition law (UWG), the protection of know-how and trade secrets as well as the drafting of licence agreements.

We have experience in defending clients against unjustified threats as well as in the active assertion of market positions. This includes the development of business strategies, for example against product piracy or unfair advertising strategies used by competitors.

Selected projects

  • Comprehensive competition law advice and representation of a European automobile manufacturer with respect to advertising and marketing activities in Germany
  • Advising a world-leading synthetic fibre manufacturer on the licensing of technology and know-how
  • Advising a significant marketing agency on the design of their brand family
  • Comprehensive advice and representation of a major German shoe shop with over 170 branches 
  • Supporting a component manufacturer in the assertion of its know-how against the competition
  • Advising and representing a major German university hospital in trademark and competition law
Data protection

Since the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data protection has been a central topic for businesses and organisations in all industries as well as for the public sector.

Our experts provide comprehensive advice in this area under both German law and EU law. They are able to maintain a steady perspective on this constantly changing area of law – the vital prerequisite for implementing data-driven projects and for supporting lawful and secure data processing in the best possible way. We support national and international companies of every size in the development of systems and guidelines on data protection compliance and for international data transfer. We also carry out GAP analysis as well as data protection audits to review existing data protection structures and implement employee trainings.

A further focus of our practice is supporting clients in the protection and implementation of new technologies and digital solutions in conformity with existing data protection legislation. This includes contract drafting and the implementation of data protection strategies. We represent our clients in data protection disputes of every kind, before supervisory authorities, before the courts and in out-of-court proceedings.

Selected projects

  • Advising large and medium-sized companies in the healthcare and insurance sectors, e. g. advice on the handling of sensitive data and development of data protection guidelines for a Canadian medical technology group
  • Supporting a leading international real-estate service provider on the development of a data protection compliance system
  • Supporting several medium-sized companies, e.g. in the telecommunications sector, on the implementation of European data protection law and on the establishment of unified internal guidelines for data protection
  • Advising an internationally active German industry group on data protection and compliance issues
  • Advisig a large German airport on the introduction of a video-based parking facility management system
Information and communication technology

Information and communication technology are among the most significant drivers of growth in Germany. Private and public infrastructures are becoming ever more closely interconnected. Industry 4.0 and the internet of things are becoming more and more of a reality. Not only does this lead to greater complexity in drafting and design but it also raises new legal issues.

Our lawyers who specialise in IT law know the sector very well and have a solid understanding of the technologies involved. They ensure that contracts for IT and outsourcing projects are adequately drafted, represent clients both before the courts and in out-of-court proceedings on licensing disputes and advice on all issues surrounding e-commerce. They also have particular expertise in IT procurement for the public sector, such as supply network operators, national security authorities and social security providers.

Selected projects

  • Project advice and contract drafting for the development of a software solution for the German organ donor organisation
  • Advising a trading company on the sale of used software
  • IT law advice on assignments for the establishment/operation of logistics facilities
  • Supporting a leading CRM provider on a business process outsourcing
  • Infrastructure company: drafting framework agreements for the procurement of hardware and software and IT services



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