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Power plant construction

The power plant construction team knows the peculiarities of this field and the issues on which advice is typically sought. As a team we have been working on these issues for many years and are able to share all the required knowhow. Every team member is therefore familiar with the particular requirements and demands of the task. As a rule we handle even major projects in small teams of three.

Our objective is to shape (where necessary) the procurement procedure, the agreements and the negotiations and to provide legal advice to the project up to acceptance and defect tracking, in a manner that will lead quickly and with legal certainty to a good result for the client. It goes without saying that we are also happy to provide less comprehensive support, according to the needs of the individual projects, for example where the negotiations are to be carried out by the client themselves and a contractual review is sufficient.

We are always able to apply our practical experience from different projects to the matter in hand, thus providing our clients with a decisive advantage. For example, in the design of procurement procedures (to the extent required), we use an individually prepared valuation matrix, taking into consideration the relevant minimum conditions. In the drafting of agreements, we keep a firm focus on the application of regulations and claim management. Moreover, we support the implementation of agreements, e.g. through workshops with the project team following the conclusion of an agreement. A well-drafted agreement is nothing if it is not appropriately implemented.

Alongside our client work, we also take part in the professional discussions surrounding our subject. This includes, for example, our engagement at the Technical University of Darmstadt and our collaboration with the FDBR, professional associations and the “pipeline construction” of the sector in the form of lectures, workshops and professional publications. For offshore projects we work with the Wind Energy Agency WAB and with the EEHH, the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency.

On the basis of our practical experience, we have written a book called “Introduction to the law of plant engineering” (Steding, Wittemeier, Liauw, 2017) – with numerous links to power plant construction.

The services we offer include
  • Legal project management for the whole project
  • Plant construction agreements – general contractor or trade-specific award
  • GMP agreements and EPCM models
  • Engineering contracts and project management contracts
  • FIDIC contracts
  • Maintenance and operating contracts
  • Procurement law support including paperless processing, from announcement to award, standard procurement law documents such as invitation to tender, application conditions, valuation matrices, etc.  
  • Project-related legal advice
  • Claims management
  • Designing workshops for the introduction of the project team
  • Court and arbitration proceedings, if necessary
Selected projects
  • Stadtwerke Wuppertal HKW Barmen, contract drafting and negotiation
  • Stadtwerke Duisburg: HKW III B, project-related advice on the construction of the gas and steam turbine power plant, contract negotiation and implementation support
  • Stadtwerke Düsseldorf Gaskraftwerk Lausward: project-related advice on the construction of the gas and steam turbine power plant, contract drafting and negotiation
  • Stadtwerke Kiel: project-related advice on the construction of the gas engine power plant GHKW and ancillary facilities
  • EnBW AG: project-related contract drafting and advice on the construction of the gas and steam turbine power plant
  • Stadtwerke Duisburg AG: long-distance heat accumulator, project-related advice on the construction of the gas and steam turbine power plant
  • RIFFGAT Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG: supporting the offshore wind park RIFFGAT from tender to defect liability period
  • DOTI: supporting the offshore wind park alpha ventus from tender to defect liability period
  • Trianel, Borkum West II: supporting the construction of the offshore wind park
  • Major plant engineer: advising on agreements, legal project management with respect to subcontractors and clients, forensic activity (also in the international arbitration)

Head of sector group

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