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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Complex construction projects are often characterised by unexpected cost increases and repeated delays. One reason for this is the contractual structure of conventional development models, which is often dictated by the interests of individual parties. The Integrated Project Delivery is a new project development model based on mutual trust and cooperation and the early integration of all parties in the value chain. The aim of IPD is the successful implementation of demanding construction projects through the creation of incentive structures using new procurement and contract concepts that are geared towards the realisation of the project goals. Key components are collaborative working methods and organisation and communication structures that lay the foundation for a constructive project and contract environment.

This model has already been in use internationally for more than 20 years, and in Germany the use of IPD for the preparation and implementation of complex construction projects has seen a significant increase in recent years. Due to the comprehensive experience of Kapellmann with projects such as these, the lawyers in our Competence Team have already provided successful legal support to numerous public and private principals as well as planners and contractors in IPD projects.

Depending on the scope and stage of the construction project, we can advise on the suitability of the project for IPD, putting together the principal’s project team with the required decision-making and management structures, the development of a suitable procurement strategy as well as the choice of an IPD-appropriate contractual model including a customised insurance concept. We draft contracts with the appropriate remuneration, liability and risk-sharing provisions and support our clients throughout the contract implementation phase. We also advise bidders and contractors in the procurement and development phases of IPD projects.

Through our inter-disciplinary cooperation with the construction engineers of Schiffers Bauconsult, an occupational psychologist and an innovation consultant we have also developed the “iPAready” certification (IPA is German for IPD). This gives building owners, planning offices and contractors the possibility of incorporating targeted measures in the development of the project company in order to ensure that the project will be suitable for IPD, and to prepare for relevant procurement proceedings and successful project implementation. Further information is available at:

We are also co-organisers of the annual IPD forum in Düsseldorf, the exchange and networking platform for IPD candidates and professionals.

Services we offer
  • Advising principals and contractors on the appropriate configuration of IPD project teams
  • Developing a customised strategy for public and private procurement procedures that takes into account the legal framework and special features of IPD
  • Drafting multi-party contracts, tailored to the requirements of the project
  • Developing project-specific insurance concepts
  • Supporting the negotiation and conclusion of the IPD contract
  • Supporting project participants in the implementation of the contract
Recent work
  • Newbuild Paul Ehrlich Institut: advising on procurement strategy and project structure, drafting multi-party contract
  • Newbuild and reconstruction Helmut Schmidt University / University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg: providing comprehensive advice to the principal on the conception and supporting the procurement process as well as drafting and negotiating the multi-party contract for the existing c. 26ha campus on the site of the Douaumont barracks (DOK) in Hamburg Jenfeld. The IPD pilot project for the Federal Ministry of Defence (Bundesverteidigungsministeriums, BMVg) will have a term of at least 10 years and an estimated value of one billion Euros.
  • Newbuild for the constitutional body of the federal government: drafting the procurement concept and the multi-party contract; developing an insurance concept; integrating IPD project management; supporting the procurement process and contract implementation
  • Reconstruction and newbuild of a university: drafting the procurement concept and the multi-party contract for a construction project with a value in the upper three-digit million range; supporting the procurement process and contract implementation; creating a cross-project IPD strategy for the federal state project implementation division
  • Reconstruction and newbuild of the research and development complex of a German car manufacturer consisting of workshop, laboratory, office and communication zones: advising the principal and leading the drafting of a multi-party contract in joint workshops with all contract parties (principal, property and specialist planners, contractors) up to contract conclusion
  • BAM GBD 149: providing procurement and contract law advice to a bidder on one of the first IPD pilot projects for the Federal Government for the construction of the new building of the Federal Institute for Materials Research in Berlin
  • Amprion A-Nord: advising a bidding consortium in procurement proceedings for the planning and construction of a 300-kilometer-long underground cable line using Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

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