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International activity

Many of our clients are internationally active and also seek our guidance on cross-border matters.  This applies equally to advice given to foreign companies in Germany and to advice given on the projects of domestic clients abroad, whether in the European Economic Area or further afield.

In such matters we work together with other independent law firms, to whom we are bound by relationships built up over many years and whose standards are just as high as ours. Since these relationships are not exclusive, we are also happy to comply with the wishes of our clients in the event that they prefer us to work with a particular foreign law firm.

Through their training and earlier work, many of our lawyers have gained experience of legal advice in an international context. Many of our professionals have worked or studied abroad. Our Brussels office has the necessary expertise for advice in the BeNeLux countries. For advice in other regions, whether France or Eastern Europe, we have colleagues with the relevant knowledge as to language and cultural characteristics.

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