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Residential construction

The significance of residential construction has been increasing rapidly for several years, and this is set to continue. The same is true for the demands of technical implementation, as a result of the dwindling availability of urban land plots and the consequent requirement to build in a manner which is as compact and space-efficient as possible.  The requirements become more complex and are subject to changing priorities, which leads, among other things, to very high requirements from those providing legal support to this type of project.

In this area, Kapellmann has always used an integrated approach to advise project developers, residential construction companies and investors across Germany, that is, from project conception to project fruition, including implementation and up to acceptance and the expiry of warranty periods with respect to planners, executing companies and purchasers.

While providing such integrated advice, we also take into account points that are decisive or critical for successful project implementation. This starts with the purchase of land plots and continues with the establishment of building rights, bearing in mind the frequent requirements of municipalities to combine sophisticated and social or subsidised housing. It includes the drafting of contractual agreements between the residential construction companies and the lessees or purchasers on the one hand and the planners or implementing companies on the other. Bespoke solutions for each individual project, which factor in sensitive issues such as the arrangements for acceptance, neighbour involvement and any claims handling, construction in confined spaces and the establishment of corresponding building logistics, complex and high-value technical building equipment and sound insulation, are often our focus, as well as the provision of strategic and target-oriented advice in the event of disruptions.

Our Residential Construction Team combines the expertise of colleagues from all relevant fields, such as public law, civil/lease/construction and architectural law as well as procurement law.  We put together project teams according to the individual requirements of each project.  Our expertise has grown over many decades and is constantly being brought up to date by our close ties with the key players in this field, fostered through our longstanding provision of advice.

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