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Corporate compliance

Companies, their governing bodies and their employees have a multitude of sometimes complex regulations to be aware of and to comply with. A breach may lead not only to criminal and civil law consequences, but often also cause damage to reputation and business losses. The number of regulations to be observed, their complexity and the level of sanctions imposed for their breach have been steadily increasing for years. At the same time, companies lose money because they miss business opportunities through an excess of caution.

We support companies and executives in recognising risks and assessing them realistically – by facing the facts without fear. In doing so, we are able to draw on many years’ experience in advising companies in the most diverse sectors. Our clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as groups from the Dax 30 and international corporations.

We design and implement compliance systems on the basis of a solid risk analysis. These compliance systems are effective because they are perfectly tailored to the company in question, rather than because of their scope. We are often told that we achieve a great deal with limited expense.

In contrast to pure compliance advisers, we often defend clients in investigative and criminal proceedings. We therefore know what the typical sources of risk are for companies and executives and how the authorities typically proceed. We also use this knowledge in crisis consulting.

Expertise in various areas of law is essential for the provision of proactive compliance advice – this is just as true for prevention as it is for defence. The broad professional basis of our firm means we are able to advise on the areas of competition law, criminal law, employment law, corporate law and data protection law, among others.

Thanks to our many years of experience in interdisciplinary team-work and the broad-ranging capacity of our firm, we are able to address difficult compliance issues and crisis situations even at short notice. As and when required, we work with foreign lawyers from our partnership network.

Leading law firm in the field of compliance; 'Legal expertise at a very high level, pragmatic and practical approaches to solutions, good accessibility of partners, good networking with, among others, criminal law practice.'
Legal 500 Germany 2023/24

Leading law firm for compliance
WirtschaftsWoche Top-Kanzleien 2021

Listed as a leading law firm for compliance in Germany
JUVE Handbook 2023/24

One of the most recommended law firms by in-house counsels for compliance 2023/2024 (law firm directory of the German institute for legal departments & in-house lawyers)

Recommended law firm for Corporate Governance/Compliance
Handelsblatt/Best Lawyers® 'Germany's Best Lawyers 2024'


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