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Project management

for the real estate and construction sectors

Kapellmann advises principals, project managers and contractors on project management issues that arise in the execution of large and complex construction and real estate projects.

Our involvement typically begins at the very beginning of major investment projects, with the structuring of the project organisation, the packaging of the services to be provided, and advising on the corporate structures of the parties involved. In the collaborative world of planning, construction and operating, having a resilient project organisation takes on a critical importance. The majority of shortcomings in project execution are caused by the use of inappropriate structures and by poor decision management at the highest level of the project (as we say in German, “the head of the fish is the first part that rots”).

We create reliable contract systems, in particular for the appointment of project managers, whether this is substantially for the discharge by the principal organisation on the basis of service contracts with flat-rate payments, or as an addition to the principal organisation with more personnel-oriented deployment models. We also advise project managers in relation to their offer submissions and the negotiation of project management agreements as well as for the avoidance of liability risks in the execution of the project.

We have developed outstanding market expertise on project management issues in construction and real estate projects. Prof. Dr. Klaus Eschenbruch is a Director of the German Association of Construction Project Managers (DVP) and founding member of the first Academic Association for Project Management.

Through our articles and in our role as associate editor, we influence the German scope of work/ standard performance model for project management in the AHO (Project Management Services in the Construction and Real Estate Sectors, fifth edition soon to be published). Through our relevant publications on project management, we have established a unique position in the field of legal literature. Through the co-editing of mutually agreed standard contracts for principals and their project managers through the DVP,  we are able to assist all parties involved with respect to the use of resilient contract standards for project execution. Our expertise in project management has come to be relied on by public as well as private principals. We are especially involved in the early structuring of large-scale and very large-scale projects, for which internal and external project management has a particular significance. Our expertise will guarantee the success of your project. Go ahead and find out for yourself.

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