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Project management

for the real estate and construction sectors

In the increasingly specialised world of planning, construction and operation of large real estate projects, reliable project organisation is essential. Most examples of mismanagement in the area of project management are the result of inappropriate structures or defective decision-making processes at the highest level of management. Principals, contractors and project managers benefit from adept legal support which also technically always is on an equal footing.

Avoiding costly errors and guaranteeing efficient operations in complex construction and real estate projects requires experienced and forward-looking legal advice: in the structuring of the principal organisation, the packaging of services and advising on the forms of deployment of the project participants, our Sector Group will put your project on a secure footing.

We develop reliable contract systems, in particular for the employment of project managers – on the basis of service contracts with flat-rate payments – that either relieve the principal organisation or supplement it with personnel-oriented deployment processes. We also advise project managers on the proposal and negotiation of project management agreements as well as the avoidance of liability risks.

We can offer outstanding expertise in the area of project management. Prof. Dr. Klaus Eschenbruch is a Director of the German Association of Construction Project Managers (DVP) and founding member of the first Academic Association for Project Management. Through our contributions to and in our role as associate editor of the AHO (Project Management Services in the Construction and Real Estate Sectors), we influence the German standard performance model for project management. Through our numerous relevant publications we also occupy a prominent position in the field of legal literature.

Public and private clients rely on our expertise. We are particularly involved in the early structuring of large-scale and very large-scale projects, in which internal and external project management play an increasingly central role.


Head of sector group

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