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Notary service

Our notary services in Berlin and Frankfurt are available to our clients for all legal transactions in which notarial authentication or the certification of a signature is legally required or is desired by the parties. The notaries also certify copies.

Our clients can benefit from the experience of our notaries in the following areas:


Real estate transactions
  • Land and housing purchase agreements
  • Division of rights into residential property ownership and residential heritable building rights
  • Drawing up of easements, land charges and mortgages
  • Deletion approvals and land registry applications
Company law
  • Establishment of partnerships and corporations
  • Certification of shareholders‘ resolutions
  • Applications for registration in the commercial register
Inheritance and family law
  • Wills and inheritance contracts
  • Negotiations regarding certificates of inheritance
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Marriage contracts with agreements on property and pension rights adjustments
  • Maintenance agreements
Powers of attorney
  • Enduring powers of attorney and living wills
  • Powers of sale
  • Commercial register authorities

Our notaries Dr Guido Schulz (Berlin) and Prof. Dr Stefan Pützenbacher (Frankfurt) are supported in all these areas by a highly competent and dedicated team.



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