Corporate Transactions (M&A)

Corporate transactions of any kind contain legal and practical challenges which cannot be mastered without a comprehensive knowledge of the customs in this field. We not only have many years of experience with corporate transactions of every kind, but understand exactly the peculiarities and requirements of small and medium-sized buyers and sellers – both domestic and international.


Our specialists in the area of company acquisitions bring together many years of practical and academic experience in practically all forms of business transactions that are relevant to small and medium-sized companies – from the Letter of Intent to the final integration:

  • Advising buyers and sellers, taking into account the typical interests of each side
  • Advising on share deals and asset deals, both in exclusive negotiations and in bidding procedures
  • Advising on takeovers and the purchase of majority or minority shareholdings
  • Advising on alternative forms of takeover such as capital measures and mergers or demergers

A selection of the fields in which we have recently advised on corporate transactions:

  • Real estate (purchase, share deal)
  • Insurance (sale, asset deal)
  • Textiles (purchase, share deal)
  • Medical devices (purchase, share deal)
  • Animal feed (purchase, share deal)
  • Printing (purchase, share deal)

As an adviser of small and medium-sized businesses, in the area of corporate transactions we offer pragmatic and solution-oriented support for purchase and sales processes.

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