IP, IT and data protection

Our lawyers who work in the fields of intellectual property, information technology and data protection assist our clients, drawing on their many years of experience of national and international problems. This extends to representation before trade mark and patent offices, data protection authorities and in judicial and out-of-court disputes including interim legal protection.


Intellectual property and competition law (UWG)

We provide comprehensive advice regarding the registering, assertion and defence of trademark rights (trademarks, names, companies) and internet domains. We also have expertise in the areas of copyright, design right, patent and utility model rights, competition law (UWG), the protection of know-how and trade secrets as well as the drafting of licence agreements. We have relevant expertise in the defence against unauthorised warnings and experience in the active assertion of market positions. This includes the development of business strategies e.g. against product piracy.

Selected projects

  • Comprehensive competition law advice and representation of a European automobile manufacturer with respect to advertising and marketing activities in Germany
  • Advising a world-leading synthetic fibre manufacturer on the licensing of technology and know-how
  • Advising a significant marketing agency on the design of their brand family
  • Comprehensive advice and representation of a major German shoe shop with over 170 branches 
  • Supporting a component manufacturer in the assertion of its know-how against the competition
  • Advising and representing a major German university hospital in trademark and competition law
Information and communication technology

Information and communication technology are growth drivers in Germany. The increasing integration of private and public infrastructure means that not only is it more and more complicated to design systems that are legally sound, but also that we are faced with quite new legal issues. The IT lawyers who work in our law firm have a very broad understanding of the field and the relevant technology. They support IT projects and outsourcing projects by drafting appropriate agreements, representing clients in judicial and out-of-court licencing disputes and providing advice on all issues concerning e-commerce. IT procurement for the public sector is a particular focus, e.g. advising operators for supply networks, security authorities or social insurance agencies.  


Selected projects

  • Project advice and contract drafting for the development of a software solution for the German organ donor organisation
  • Advising a trading company on the sale of used software
  • IT law advice on assignments for the establishment/operation of logistics facilities
  • Supporting a leading CRM provider on a business process outsourcing
  • Infrastructure company: drafting framework agreements for the procurement of hardware and software and IT services
      Data protection

      In the increasingly significant field of data protection, we advise clients on all questions of German and European law.  We support companies in the development and implementation of strategies for the secure and lawful processing of data in a legal environment that is constantly in flux. We support, in particular, major national and international company groups in the development of systems and guidelines in the areas of data protection compliance and international data transfer.

      Selected projects

      • Advising large and medium-sized companies in the healthcare and insurance sectors, e. g. advice on the handling of sensitive data and development of data protection guidelines for a Canadian medical technology group
      • Supporting a leading international real-estate service provider on the development of a data protection compliance system
      • Supporting several medium-sized companies, e.g. in the telecommunications sector, on the implementation of European data protection law and on the establishment of unified internal guidelines for data protection
      • Advising an internationally active German industry group on data protection and compliance issues
      • Advisig a large German airport on the introduction of a video-based parking facility management system


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