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Dr Lutz Nepomuck


  • Criminal law (business crimes)
  • Law relating to fiscal offences
  • Corporate compliance
  • Data protection law

Dr Nepomuck defends clients in all areas of corporate and fiscal criminal law. He also advises companies whose employees are involved in criminal matters, and defends such companies against sanctions such as financial penalties and revocations. Further, Dr Nepomuck represents companies who have suffered damage in criminal matters, also supporting civil law redress. His preventative advice includes the criminal law assessment of business models as well as the implementation and review of compliance systems. A particular key practice area is the implementation of audits including internal company investigations to prevent corruption, especially in international business.   

Another key practice area is the defence and advice of clients in breach of trust, corruption, agreements that restrict competition in tender procedures, (subsidy) fraud, environmental offences and industrial accidents. In the references to other areas of law that occur so frequently in corporate criminal law, swift and effective cooperation with other specialist lawyers in the firm from the relevant fields is guaranteed.

Recent work

  • Corruption audits at subsidiaries of a DAX and a SDAX company including implementation of internal investigations
  • Defending the CCO of a company in the arms industry concerning the accusation of tax evasion resulting from suspicions of bribery abroad
  • Defending the management boards of several savings banks against allegations of embezzlement
  • Defending a District Administrator against an allegation of embezzlement
  • Defending the management board of a transport service in relation to subsidy fraud
  • Corruption audits at subsidiaries of a DAX company including implementation of internal investigations
  • Defending doctors in relation to accounting fraud

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Curriculum vitae

  • Studied law the University of Cologne, 1996 to 2001
  • Research assistant to the Chair of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law (Prof. Dr Klaus Bernsmann) as well as to the Chair for German Criminal Law, European Criminal Law, International Criminal Law and the Law of Peace and International Conflict Law (Prof. Dr. Claus Kreß LL.M.), 2001 to 2004
  • Legal clerkship with the Higher Regional Court of Cologne, 2005 to 2007
    PhD on criminal law, 2006 (CBH prize)
  • Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) at Feigen ∙ Graf Rechtsanwälte (Frankfurt am Main), 2007 to 2009, and Redeker Sellner Dahs Rechtsanwälte (Bonn), 2009 to 2013, exclusively in the field of corporate criminal law
  • Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt) at Kapellmann since 2013