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Industry associations and public affairs

Industry associations often have to deal with complex legal issues. The successful representation of their interests in Brussels and Berlin requires specific knowhow of legal arguments and the essential compliance rules, in particular when dealing with public officials. Furthermore, associations are in need of precisely worded statutes and have to apply them in everyday life. After all, they have to comply with competition law, e.g. during meetings, in their statistical work as well as when they provide templates and recommendations to their members.

Kapellmann is one of the leading law firms in advising industry associations. Over the last years, we supported more than 50 associations in Germany and within the EU, not only including leading umbrella associations, but also many sector associations. We pool our proven expertise in advising not only classical associations, but also industry coalitions, multi-player partnerships and other similar institutions in one sector group “Industry Associations and Public Affairs”.

Key practice areas of our advisory services are:

Head of sector group

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